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Simply select a Project, preview a song, buy and download it.

Here's how it works...

1). Click on a project name from the below list. This directs you to the Project's page.
2). View the list of songs from that project.
3). Preview the song by clicking on the "play" button.
4). Click "ADD TO CART" to pick your songs.
5). When you're finished picking songs, select "BUY NOW".
6). This directs you to Paypal. You may then use your debit/credit card to make a payment or use your paypal account.
7.) After completing payment, an email with the link to your mp3(s) will be sent to your email address.
8.) Simply select the link and download your mp3.

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The FAQ's

Q. Can I use these tracks to record an album for sale?

A. When you purchase a soundtrack, you are also granted the rights to
perform live using the original copy. It does not cover reproduction
rights or recording rights usage, especially for sale. However, there are
methods for you to retain the rights for recording. (Leasing..ect)
When a song is used for recording a work for sale, royalties are due to
the publisher, writer and record lable. If you desire to record an
album using these tracks, please contact the record label in order to
legally use these tracks for recording purposes. Recording and reproducing
soundtracks even for demonstration purposes is considered theft by law.

Born Again
You Can't Stop God From Blessing Me
A Tribute To Mosie Lister
Anything But Ordinary  
Never The Same  
Hold On
Live, The Dove Brothers