Why will you need Unlimited Poke coins

Pokémon Go, right from the word go, this is one game that keeps you on your toes.  Quite much, so, too.

The more you step out and explore, the higher are your chances of capturing Pokémon.  The more powerful ones, too.

The Pokémon Go game requires you to have several accessories that help you navigate the game.

These accessories can be gained by the exchange of pokecoins.  Pokecoins are typically the currency used in the game.

So, what are the accessories that these pokecoins can help you gain?

  • Poke balls: These have to be aimed at the Pokémon to capture them, once you spot them.  The more of these you have, the better are your chances of hitting on a stronger or more powerful Pokémon.
  • Incense:  This is used to enhance the number of Pokémon you see in the area.
  • Lucky Eggs:  These eggs typically hatch out into several more Pokémon, as and when you continue walking.
  • Lure Modules: These keep Pokémon at poke stops for thirty minutes.

But, to gain access to all of these, you are going to need a supply of unlimited poke coins.

  • Requirements for Unlimited Poke coins 

The pseudo reality game of Pokémon go, was released in July 2016.  Compatible with both android as well as iOS, this game is free to download and requires a constantly working 3G or a 4G connection.

At the start, of course, you are allowed to choose your first Pokémon from three options called as:

  • Squirtle
  • Charmander.
  • Bulbasaur.

Of course, all of these three are similar when it comes to power and potential.

But, to gain hold over the stronger Pokémon as you traverse different levels, you are going to need unlimited pokecoins to help you acquire a pokedex that is all powerful and which can ultimately win you a battle while defending gyms.

  • Unlimited Poke coins and the Works 

Get free poke coins! With so much of Pokémon go happening around you, sure you are going to be drawn towards trying out your hand at this augmented reality game, in case you haven’t already.

If you wish to power up through the different levels, you are going to need a variety of Pokémon species that are both powerful as well as exotic.  Only then, you could be the proud owner of a diverse group of Pokémon which in turn will help you gain control over

a gym.  Well, quite naturally, taking over a gym will involve a battle that has to be won.  It is only these different characters that can help you win.

Technically, your Pokémon needs to defend a gym for 21 hours.  At the end of that time, you can gain pokecoins which in turn can be used to procure features that can power up your line-up.

Yes, so you will have to be patient to earn your pokecoins.  The only other way to gain unlimited poke coins, is to go hack.